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    For those who love doing hair and makeup, going to cosmetology school might sound like hair-salon-529902_1920a dream. They picture themselves working with the best products in the world, learning tips from real professionals and developing skills that will make them in-demand in the reality. While you can use your diploma to work as a wedding makeup specialist, a hairdresser or even a stylist for film and television productions, you should keep in mind that going to one of these schools isn’t as easy as you might think. Take a look at the five common obstacles and problems you might face during your studies.

    Lack of Confidence

    One common problem you might encounter is that you may not feel as confident as your peers. Those who do best in a beauty school program are those who actually want to be there and those willing to put in the time and the effort. You might find yourself working with other students who pick up what the instructor says right off the bat. As you struggle to develop those same skills, you may find your self-esteem dropping, which can lead to you doing poorly in your classes.

    Working With Others

    Cosmetology programs often have smaller class sizes than other educational programs do. Instead of sitting in a classroom with 30 other students, you’ll probably sit in smaller rooms with just a dozen other people nearby. When it comes time to work in the field and gain more experience though, you’ll often work in small groups. Even if you work on your own, there might be six or other people working right next to you on their own clients. Some cosmetology students struggle with doing their own work and focusing on their own clients with so many people nearby.

    Licensing Requirements

    When choosing a cosmetology school Chicago students should look closely at whether each school will help them meet the licensing requirements of the state. The Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation is the agency responsible for licensing cosmetology graduates. Cosmetologists must have 1,500 hours of practical experience to get a license, and barbers and hair stylists can only get a license after completing the same number of fieldwork hours. To work as an instructor, you’ll either need to complete 1,000 hours of training or go through 500 hours of training and have two years of professional experience. Make sure that the school you pick will help you meet these requirements.

    Paying for Your Education

    Though these schools are often more affordable than traditional colleges, you still need to think about how you will pay for both your classes and the supplies that you need. Many schools require that you put down a deposit before classes start, and if you cannot make that payment, the school may drop you from its program. A good school will help you find and obtain financial help. The top schools can even help you secure loans and grants that will pay most or all of your costs.

    Job Prospects

    Whether you want to work in one of the highest rated spas in Chicago, or you want to work in a small beauty salon in your hometown, you need to ensure that the school you pick will help you find and apply for jobs. Some schools actually partner with local salons and shops. The school can recommend recent graduates who fit those job openings or place those job openings on a message board to let all students know about those positions. You may even find schools that have online job boards that show you local jobs you can apply for before and after you graduate.

    The right choice of a cosmetology school

    Even if you compare dozens of schools across Illinois, you’ll often find that the Niles School of Cosmetology is the right choice for you. This cosmetology school has a job placement program that allows managers and owners of day spas and other local businesses contact the school when looking for new employees. Financial aid representatives can help you apply for subsidized and unsubsidized student loans and for federal pell grants too that award students around $600 to more than $5,000 every year. Contact the Niles School of Cosmetology today to learn more about its great programs.


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