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    niles-school-cosmetology-instructorMany students assume that those who go to cosmetology school want to work in the beauty industry. While some graduates do work as hair stylists, manicurists, makeup artists and similar fields, others love the idea of fostering the next generation of artists and helping them develop the skills necessary for working in this industry. Enrolling in a program designed for future instructors can help you work with students of your own in that same school or different schools later. As you compare schools and look for one that is right for you, make sure you look at the classes available for future instructors.

    Curriculum Development

    Some of the classes that you take, focus on curriculum development. As an instructor working in one of these schools, the school may ask that you design one or more classes of your own. Not only do you need to think about how you will teach the subject, but you also need to know what books and materials to use. Curriculum development classes go over some of the basic beauty courses offered in these schools and show you how to design the curriculum that you would use in each one.

    Teaching Method

    Whether you went to college, graduated high school or left school early, you probably remember your favorite and least favorite teachers. The reason many students remember their teachers is because of the teaching methods they used. Some love teachers who focus more on hands-on learning, but others like instructors that give them materials that help them better understand the subjects they cover in class. You’ll take at least one class on teaching methods that will help you decide on the methods you want to use and how students respond to those methods.

    Cosmetology Instructor Evaluations

    Evaluations refer to the way in which you evaluate the work that your students do. Depending on what you decide to teach, you may assign them longer tests or shorter quizzes to test them on the readings they did outside of class. This is an excellent way to ensure that students keep up with the demand of that class. A class on student and instructor evaluations teach those instructors how to keep an eye on their students and evaluate their work. Evaluations are especially important in classes that involve hands-on learning. You need to know how to assess and grade students putting in extensions, doing manicures and cutting hair.

    Beauty Classes

    Before you can become a cosmetology instructor, you need familiarity with the classes you want to teach. If you lack experience, you cannot effectively teach your students. That is why some schools give you the option of completing a basic cosmetology program and then transitioning into a teaching program. A cosmetology program will likely include courses on hair care and styling, but you may take classes in salon management and similar topics too. If you already attended a cosmetology program, you may need to show proof that you graduated and/or that you have your cosmetology license.

    Student Teaching

    One of the last classes that you might take is something called a student teaching class. Schools use this class as a way to ensure that you have the skills necessary to lead and teach classes of your own. In the same way that colleges send student teachers to take over local classes, beauty programs send students out to run lower level classes too. You might teach a class on the basics of hair care, introduction to styling or makeup for beginners. A licensed teacher will watch you work and then write up an evaluation that shows whether you are ready to teach on your own. Some schools require that you do an observation experience first. Only after watching a teacher at work will you have the chance to take over that class.

    Programs designed for instructors can also include courses on running a makeup or beauty business and the practical applications of teaching methods. You can get an idea of the classes you must take before you enroll. Niles School of Cosmetology offers a beauty school training program suitable for future teachers. Call to learn how you can apply for this program and the financial aid opportunities available for new students.


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