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    beauty-salon-niles-school-cosmetologyMost people enjoy having the ability to put their best face forward. However, it’s understood that in order to look great, most women will need to invest some time and effort. For some, part of this process involves professional assistance. Beauty salons are perfect for maintenance of the hair, skin, and nails. Standard treatments in most salons include cuts, coloring, and styling. Many also do waxing, sugaring, manicures and pedicures. This transformative experience can leave a customer booking their next appointment or vowing never to return. To keep clients in the chairs and ready to come back again, there are a few things to remember. Consider these five qualities of any top beauty salon and implement them on your own.

    Excellent Customer Service

    Small business owners sometimes underestimate the power of treating the customer well. Acknowledging a customer when they come through the door and going the extra mile to make them feel special can make a big difference in their experience. Offer water when they sit in the chair or while they wait. Make sure the client feels as comfortable as possible. Along with coloring techniques and trimming skills, it’s imperative for students in cosmetology school to understand the power of proper service. If you’re the most talented stylist in town, but you aren’t kind or considerate of your customers, it’s going to be hard to keep your chair filled.


    It’s better to be early than on time, and it’s completely unacceptable to be late. Time is money. When someone spends their hard-earned dollars on a reservation/appointment, it’s the stylist’s job to make sure they stay on schedule. Too often, salon employees run extremely late because they get thrown off task. To remain on schedule, stick to the clients that made appointments and avoid a lot of unnecessary chatter and distractions. Unless their scheduled treatments require a number of hours, there’s no reason why anyone should have to wait a long time to get their hair done and walk out of the salon.

    Clean Workstations

    Keeping things clean and sanitary are one of the basic lessons in beauty school. Between cleaning brushes, combs, and other hair tools, it’s important for a stylist to remain organized with everything at their station. When a client gets their hair cut, the stray strands on the floor need to be swept up once the style is complete. Never accept a new client in the chair without cleaning the workstation first. While this may take some practice and might involve extra hands to help keep the areas clean, a top beauty salon will maintain a certain standard of cleanliness. This keeps areas up to code, safe and germ-free.


    Some stylists are so excited about doing hair, and that’s understandable. However, once you are running a business, there needs to be a strong emphasis on professionalism. Handling the bills, running the online site and maintaining a good marketing campaign are all parts of building a strong enterprise and a top beauty salon. When customers come, they should be able to pay and not have any issues with getting change, if need be. Hire the right people to manage different aspects of the workflow. The front desk personnel should have assigned tasks that they stick to. The same goes for the shampoo people and the business manager.

    Beautiful Aesthetic

    First impressions are lasting impressions. If people walk in and the design looks incredible, they’re more likely to stay. If you’d prefer to play it safe, an all-white aesthetic looks clean and simple. This type of decor doesn’t involve a lot of thought but can make a dynamic impact. If you’d like to incorporate color into the aesthetic, consider consulting a designer for extra assistance. When everything looks visually confusing, it’s hard to relax. To become a standout beauty salon Chicago, it’s a good idea to put time and effort into the walls, chairs, the waiting area and workstations. They need a distinct look that comes together and works cohesively.

    These are some of the best qualities of any top beauty salon. There are more to consider. However, when you start with these five as the standards, you’re bound to experience growth and success as the go-to place in the city in no time.

    7th October 2016 Beauty Schools