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    You might be thinking about starting an exciting career in the Downers Grove, Illinois area of the world. Congratulations! You have your eyes set on a fabulous career. Cosmetology is an amazing field for someone with a playful heart, a love for socializing with people, and an eye for face-1146038_1920creating fashionable appearances. A career in cosmetology school will be quite fulfilling for you if you fit the previously mentioned description. You’ll experience joy every time you sculpt someone’s hair, glitterize his or her nails or prep the person’s face for photo shoots. You may be wondering if you can survive in the Downers Grove, Illinois area, however. Your primary concern may be whether you can profit in cosmetology in the town. The answer is yes. Here’s why:

    Tips Are Commonplace in Cosmetology

    At first glance, it may appear to you that life would be a struggle with a career in cosmetology. The median earnings for males in the area are a hair above $56,000 per year according to AreaVibes. The median earnings for females in the area are a little more than $31,000 per year, according to the same source. Glassdoor reports the average salary of cosmetology specialists as $25,542. You may not be enthusiastic about the information at first glance. The tip potential should perk you up, however.

    The annual income figure for a cosmetology specialist does not include tips from customers. Tips are very common in the field of cosmetology. The majority of the barbers, hair stylists, nail technicians, makeup artists and other people in the field earns tips. The amount of money that you can make in tips annually will depend on your customer service skills and your levels of accuracy and precision in the work that you do. The number of clients that you have each day affects your income, as well.

    Consider this scenario for a moment: You make a base pay amount of $9 per hour. You work five hours on Friday. You see five people during Friday’s shift. You receive $50 in collective tips from the five people you see. How much did you make for five hours of work? $95. What did your hourly rate increase to? $19. Your annual income could be $40,000 or more just based on that minimal example. You have the potential to earn more than that. The keys to success are superior customer service and beautiful artwork. You can learn both of in the barber school or hair academy.

    The Flow Never Stops

    Your customer base will grow once you please one or two customers. They will refer you to their friends and family members, and these people will visit you. The visitors will convert to regulars and then tell their friends and family members if your work is precise.

    You Can Work Anywhere

    You do not necessarily have to work in Downers Grove after you graduate from the hair academy or barber school. You can venture into other parts of the state or even another state that profits you. Alternatively, you can start your own cosmetology business.

    You Can Make Your Own Hours

    Cosmetology is flexible. It is a field that you can bend around your family obligations and other jobs. You’re in the driver’s seat and can decide the hours you want to work and earn profits.

    Why Niles Beauty School Is the School for You

    Niles Beauty School has been serving ambitious people with top-notch educations in the cosmetology field since 1975. The school is proud to offer an accredited course that the Department of Education and Accrediting Commission of Career Arts support fully. The school offers affordable pricing, financial aid options and job placement. Job placement services can catapult you into a rewarding and profitable career.

    The cosmetology school programs that you can choose from are the Cosmetology program and the Cosmetology Instructor program. The Hair School Cosmetology program covers areas such as hair types, tool and equipment, electricity, skin diseases, ethics, nail technology, hygiene and so much more. The instructor program covers areas such as salon management, business administration and more.

    The cosmetology school goal is to prepare you to either have a lucrative career with another company or own your own business. Contact the hair school today for information on its amazing options.