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    beauty-schoolCosmetology is a field of study that focuses on making others look their best. As a Chicago resident with a passion for make up and hair care, you should seriously consider enrolling in one of these schools. While some programs can take a year or more to complete, others will give you a basic understanding of working with clients in a few short months. Once you have your degree, you’ll find a broad range of careers open to you.

    Working in Make Up

    While you probably already know which colors look best on you and which products you should use on your own face and skin, beauty school will teach you how to make the same decisions for your clients. Working in make up might mean working for a department store and doing makeovers on customers who come to see you, but you may work behind the counter and directly help customers pick out new products every day. Once you have more experience, you can transition to working for a company that creates and develops new products like lipstick, eyeshadow, and mascara.

    Go Back to School (Again)

    Some cosmetology school graduates find that they prefer working with beauty and hair care products to working with actual clients. Your customers might demand that you use products that aren’t suitable for their skin or products that look bad with their skin tones. If you love experimenting with new looks and want to foster the next generation of professional artists, think about going back to school. Working as an instructor lets you experiment with new and existing products as you teach your students how to do everything you learned in school. Many schools only hire instructors with some experience, though, which means that you may need to spend a year or two working in the field.

    Become a Stylist

    Depending on what you study in beauty school, you might become a hair stylist. You will work with both male and female clients and help them improve their self-confidence with a killer new look. While some of your clients might want something simple like a buzz cut or a basic trim, others will want a perm, highlights or other treatments that change the look of their hair. The treatments you do will often depend on where you work. You can look forward to working with higher quality clients in a beauty salon than you would in a chain salon.

    Focus on Special Events

    If you love helping people look beautiful, why not specialize your career and focus on working with clients before special events? With the sheer number of high schools and colleges in the Chicago area, you can quickly build a client base of students who need hair and makeup help before a formal dance or a sorority event. You can also become a make up artist or a stylist who helps brides. Many of these artists will actually go to the churches and reception halls to help brides with their hair and makeup before walking down the aisle.

    Style for Shoots

    Chicago is a popular choice for both films and television shows. Some of the productions that shot in the city include:

    •”The Dark Knight”
    •”My Best Friend’s Wedding”
    •”Mike and Molly”
    •”Home Alone”
    •”Chicago Fire”

    Though some productions bring in artists from New York or Los Angeles, many prefer working with local talent to save money. You can use your cosmetology skills to become a makeup or hair artist on one of these productions. This gives you the chance to rub elbows with some of your favorite stars and meet new celebrities on their way up.

    Going to Cosmetology School

    When searching for a cosmetology school in Chicago, put the Niles School of Cosmetology high on your list. This accredited school teaches you everything you need to know to work in this rapidly growing field. You can take classes that prepare you for opening your own salon, becoming a cosmetology school teacher, going celebrity hair and makeup or working for your favorite store. Learn more about the great programs you can enroll in today with a look over the website. Call (847) 965-8061 to start your a new career in cosmetology.

    17th August 2016 Beauty Schools, Cosmetology