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    You have decided to pursue a career in the beauty industry and wish to begin your training. Choosing the right beauty school will be one of the most important decisions you make which may determine your success in the future.

    Picking an accredited institution which provides cosmetology classes lead by experienced instructors is paramount. But cost of tuition is also a factor, which you will have to consider before embarking on the journey to becoming a licensed beautician.

    What Makes Niles School of Cosmetology Stand Out Against Other Beauty Schools in Chicago, IL

    Cosmetology Schools, Chicago, IL

    It is the cheapest and most affordable way to finish Beauty College! Niles Beauty School is fantastic choice when searching top cosmetology schools in Chicago, boasting low tuition prices and outstanding quality of tuition.

    Start your beauty career with the hair academy that combines barber, aesthetician and makeup school all into an accredited cosmetology school. The program can be finished within ten months for full time students.
    Click here to see if our cosmetology school in Chicago is right for you!

    What is the difference between your accredited cosmetology school in Chicago and online beauty schools?

    The major differences are the following: accreditation, school costs, financial aid, and hair training. Online beauty schools lack the learning requirements to take the state board exam to be a cosmetologist. Many people find the cost for beauty school to be very expensive. Our cosmetology school in Chicago is a great choice for your beauty school, only cheaper than most professional courses.

    How much is the tuition cost for your cosmetology schools in Chicago? Can I apply for a student loan?

    This renowned institution has been rated amongst the top 10 cosmetology schools by Facebook readers, including other beauty school websites. Amongst Chicago

    area hair schools, Tuition is one of the lowest around. The enrollment price at our cosmetology school in Chicago may vary on a few factors:

    • Application of school loans/grants
    • Specials or discount offers

    Please call (847) 965-8061 for the latest prices and specials on our cosmetology school in Chicago.

    How long does it take to finish your cosmetology school in Chicago?

    The entire cosmetology school program can be completed within a year and there are part time classes available. There is also the option of night school, which makes it easier for those who work full time.   

    Where can I read more about Cosmetology Schools in Chicago?

    Chicago Cosmetology School-Boasts Affordable Costs

    From 24-7 Press some hair schools charge upwards of 30 thousand dollars, Niles keeps prices extremely low at nearly half the price of other institutions. The beauty career industry is booming. But if you waited, you may have missed it: Girls are attending cosmetology school.

    Contact our Chicago Beauty School  today for further information about our cosmetology school, readily available to residence in the Chicago, IL area and suburban areas!

    19th November 2013 Beauty Schools, Cosmetology