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    Enrolling in cosmetology school is a great way to learn practical skills that will help you as niles-school-of-cosmetology-chicago-ilyou start your career in the beauty industry. These schools offer both general and more specialized programs of study. A general program might teach you about hair, skin and even nail care, while a specialized program lets you focus on one key aspect of the beauty industry. Going to one of these schools can also help you earn the certifications necessary for working in your state and give you experience working with real clients.

    A standard beauty school program will generally offer a theoretical session followed by a practical one to ensure that you understand everything you need to know before you work with clients.

    Theoretical Aspect

    Most courses begin with a theoretical aspect, also known as an academic session. With this part, your instructors are given a chance to go over some of the knowledge that you need and ensure that you understand it before you meet with a single client. One example is a class of hair treatments. Instead of letting you use risky chemicals on the hair of clients coming to the school right off the bat, the instructors will talk with you about the dangers of certain chemicals, which compounds are suitable for different hair types and the benefits of each one.

    During the theoretical portion of the course, you do not need to spend a lot of time preparing for classes. Some students find it helpful to go over their books and other materials ahead of time to get an idea of what they will learn during that session. Depending on the school that you choose, you should have many of the materials that you need before classes start. This gives you the chance to look over those materials and make a list of any questions that you have to ask instructors on the first day.

    Practical Aspect
    The practical aspect of cosmetology classes is usually a little longer than the theoretical portion because instructors want to ensure that you feel comfortable working with clients and that you have acquired the right skills for the different beauty procedures that you are going to perform. When you take a class on chemical treatments, you’ll usually spend a few weeks or longer working with mannequin heads. You’ll learn how to straighten hair, dye hair and do other treatments. Once you pass this aspect of the class, you can work with real clients.

    Practical portions of these cosmetology classes go beyond what you can learn from a book or an instructor. You’ll have the chance to actually get your hands dirty, develop the type of excellent skills that both men and women want and even learn how to work with others. The types of skills that you develop depend on the class you take and the program itself. Some students learn about giving manicures and pedicures, doing chemical hair treatments, cutting and styling hair or even caring for the skin of clients. You may even have the chance to work in a real beauty salon as part of your studies.

    Other beauty programs teach you skills relating to skin care and even nail care. Before you do manicures and pedicures in the field, you might spend some time working on your classmates and listening to lectures from an instructor. Many schools now partner with retirement homes, hospitals and other facilities. You can develop better skills relating to hair and nail care as you help elderly patients feel better about themselves through the work that you do at the school or in the field.

    Going to cosmetology school lets you spread your wings and develop the skills that you need for working in beauty or hair salon after graduation. Though you can choose from different program types, specialized programs help you hone your skills in specific aspects of the beauty industry. These courses include a few weeks of theoretical work and a longer period of practical work, which often includes working on mannequins and then with clients. To learn more about how these schools can help you with your career goals or to enroll and start classes in the coming weeks, call the Niles School of Cosmetology.

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