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    When the fall and winter seasons approach, it’s time to spice up your hair. Hair care is niles-school-of-cosmetology-hair-caremandatory this time of the year after months of having the sun beating down on your head all summer. The following are some helpful tips that you can use to transition your hair from the summer to the fall and into the winter season. They can help you to put some life into dead looking hair and jazz up your hair if it doesn’t seem that exciting.

    1. Get a Trim

    The first thing you want to do to your hair is trim it. No matter how well you keep your hair, either split or dead ends will develop. It happens because the hair cuticles break, and it is especially prevalent in people who have dry hair. A trim removes all of the dead ends so that your healthy hair can breathe. It makes your hair look lively, and it makes it grow fast. Getting a trim every two weeks is a good rule-of-thumb activity. You will also need to use products that keep your hair hydrated as to prevent frequent breakage.

    1. Use Moisturizing Ingredients

    Unless you have super oily hair, you need to use moisturizing ingredients. These products will keep your hair fresh and prevent the need for you to cut a lot of your hair off when you do your trimming. You can use several products to give your hair the moisture that it needs. Pure water works for women who have naturally dry hair. Olive oil works well for such women, as well. Jojoba oil moisturizes and heals hair. You only need a few drops of it. Tea tree oil is excellent for moisturizing the hair and promoting growth. Other moisturizers that help the hair are products such as shea butter, coconut, and papaya oil.

    1. Do a Shampoo and Conditioner Switch

    niles-school-cosmetology-hair-care-winterMany people have dry hair and split ends because they use the wrong products for their hair. Not all people can use all hair products. Your hair can fall out if you have dry hair, and you use a product that is for people with dry hair. Therefore, you may want to switch your product if you’ve noticed excessive shedding, tangling or extreme dryness. Visit a hair salon that tends to people who have similar hair types and ask the specialist to point you in the right direction so that you can care for your hair in between visits.

    1. Use Natural Ingredients

    Natural ingredients are cost-effective, and they can do wonders for your hair. One natural ingredient that you may enjoy using on your hair is egg whites. Egg whites can moisturize your hair and bring in some bold curls. Olive oil is always an amazing ingredient for keeping the hair moist and healthy. You can buy it in the grocery store, or you can purchase a hair product that includes it. If you’re looking for something that will help your hair to grow, then you may want to try palmetto oil.

    1. Try a Darker Color

    Coloring your hair is more of a fashion statement than it is a hair health tip. However, you can still find some semi-permanent dyes that can moisturize your hair in the process. A darker color could make you look a little bit younger. It can blend in with the cooler temperatures, as well. Jet black is always a fun color to try if you already have dark hair. It’s a fun color if you are going gray and you wish to conceal your glory strands.
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