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    Who else is so over 2020? We all are. It probably has been the worst year for many of us. A lot of nervousness surrounds the pandemic and how it adversely affects the economy. So many people lost their jobs and may never get them back again. If there’s a bright spot in any of this, it’s that beauty industry careers, such as, being a hairstylist will always be in need. People will always require haircuts, highlights and hair color at the very least. We know the globalists and climate change industry want to change the world’s economy completely. None of us know how that will affect the lives we have had up until now. Yes, it sounds like a very doomsday scenario, but now is the time to think smart.

    Try to have as much foresight as possible. Do you think the phone book printers ever thought they’d be replaced by digital media? Or newspapers? Yes, you might still see some of these things around, but they’re no longer the giants they were years ago. Unless we’re all wearing helmets on our heads 24/7, there will be a need for stylists. People will always want to look good no matter what transpires in the world around us. Some of the senior stylists who have done extremely well, up and retired. While the Pandemic is still happening, it is propelling many people to move forward and change their life. DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE NOW! GET OUT OF THAT CUBICLE AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! Right now, scholarships and financial aid still exist. Take advantage of these things now while you still can. They may not go away any time soon, but don’t take any chances.

    Even if you have a job, and/or kids, you’re fresh out of high school or you’re older, you need to do this for yourself and your family’s financial security. Even if it’s not going to be your primary career, you need something solid to fall FORWARD on. THERE ARE SUCCESSFUL STYLISTS WHO OPENED AN IN-HOME SALON WHILE THEIR CHILDREN WERE STILL SMALL.

    John Amico has five kids and every one of those kids got their cosmetology license. Some of them made beauty their career and some made their mark in fashion related business, but they will always have that license to fall forward on and one of the best things they learned was how to work with people. The people skills you can only get by being 1-on-1 with a client in the chair discussing their personal beauty. That could be a course all by itself- master that and move forward in life.

    It’s called being smart. Give yourself the cushion you need. Amico will also teach you about investing your money for the future for a comfortable retirement.

    For more info on the Oak Forest Campus, text ‘AMICO’ now to 708-631-2521.
    For the Niles Campus, text ‘NILES’ to 708-541-8527.

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