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    beauty salon NIles, IlYou have made a wonderful choice if you have chosen the field of beauty and cosmetology. It is an even smarter decision if you intend to go to beauty school or cosmetology school in Niles, IL. The classes that you take at such as school can set you up for a fruitful career in one of the many fields of beauty. Some of the positions that you may be able to assume in the beauty salon are positions such as nail technician, makeup artist, salon manager, cosmetology instructor and more. The courses that you take at the desired educational institution will include the following types of programs:


    What are the Introductory Classes typical for Beauty Schools

    Introductory classes consist of a smorgasbord of various topics that get your feet wet in the field of beauty. They include subjects such as hair types, hygiene, skin disease diagnosis, ethics and some professional issues. The introductory classes are designed to warm you up and prepare you for the precise training that you will need in your specified branch of cosmetology. The intro courses typically last 150 hours.

    Safety and Chemical Management Programs

    Chemical management programs are a necessity no matter where you plan to work within your field. You will need to know the various types of chemicals that the salon will house. You will need to know the storage and handling information as well as the risks and dangers. Such classes not only explain these subjects to you but also they explain how to use each chemical for its intended purpose. For example, the chemical management programs will teach you how to apply hair coloring, a relaxer or a perm to a woman’s hair.

    Financial and Business Programs available for Beauty Schools

    The financial and business programs are programs that prime you for a position as a manager or a store owner. They include courses on labor and client relations, business administration, inventory and record keeping. Record keeping is a necessary procedure that will keep your business in line with the Internal Revenue Service. Inventory courses will help you to keep your salon stocked so that you can service your customers the way they want to be serviced. You will learn when you need to place an order for modern items such as nail designs, hair colors, perms and the like. Such classes will teach you a smart system of product management that will preserve your business’ reputation. Take a look at our financial aid options and choose what is best for you.

    Customer Service Programs

    The customers are the bread and butter of all businesses, including companies that are rooted in the beauty field. The classes that you take in beauty school can develop your character into one that draws consumers back into your salon from day to day. You will learn what makes customers tick and how they like to be treated when they enter a business establishment. Your interpersonal skill level will increase as you graduate from these courses. If you are aspiring to be a teacher, then your courses will develop your ability to deal with various learning types.

    Skill Set and Application Programs

    The skill set and application programs are the no-nonsense programs that teach you how to perform the job that you wish to practice. They consist of courses such as hair styling, nail technology and esthetics that focus on the “how to” of your sub-field.

    Instructional Courses

    Instructional courses are courses that teach you how to take what you have learned and teach it to other people in a successful manner. Instructional courses teach you the proper teaching methods as well as some of the different student characteristics and learning processes.

    Contact Niles School of Cosmetology Today

    The beauty school in Niles, Il has a perfect menu of courses that will set you on the path to success. The school has comprehensive programs that are geared toward careers in cosmetology and cosmetology instruction. Furthermore, the school offers job placement assistance when you are finished with your program. Job placement assistance takes the load off of you and gets you in the door of your desired field immediately. Furthermore, you can receive funding and a tuition discount. Contact Niles School of Cosmetology at 847-965-8061 for additional information.