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    So you’re ready to start your incredible career in the field of cosmetology by going to a hair-193380_1920beauty school. That’s wonderful, but what about the application process? You may be excited to start earning your credentials for your fabulous career, but there are a few things you should know about the application process first. The following are areas that you will need to sort before you can attend a beauty academy:

    Meeting Academic Criteria and Prerequisites

    The beauty site that you choose may have some academic criteria and prerequisites that you need to meet before you can truly start the enrollment process. For example, you may have to be a high school graduate and be able to show some proof of your graduation. If you are trying to go to school to be a teacher or a shop owner, then you may have to show some licensing before you can move forward in the process. If you have a college degree, then you need to be able to show the school your transcript.

    Proving Who You Are

    Another thing that you will need to provide your prospective school with is your identification. Most schools like to see your driver’s license and social security card. They may ask you to provide your U.S. passport if you do not have those two items. A passport is generally acceptable because you have to provide a license and social security card as well as other things just to get a passport. Each school has a different list of identification items that it accepts. Call and speak with someone to find what the policy is.

    Taking Your Site Tour through a Beauty School

    Although a hair school may be very excited about signing you on, a reputable establishment will want to make sure that their school–and the field of cosmetology–is what you truly want for your life. The school will want you to schedule a tour so that you can get a first-hand account of everything it has to offer you. You’ll get the opportunity to speak with the Director and discuss your career goals, program features and more. You will know whether or not the institution in question is right for you by the time you finish the tour. Some schools will not proceed with the application and enrollment process until their prospects take a tour.

    Completing the Application

    You will have to fill out an application for admission that will ask you many questions about yourself. The sizes of the applications vary from school to school. An admissions specialist may contact you and help you with the application, so you don’t complete it blindly.

    Paying the Enrollment Fees

    You may have to pay an enrollment fee to submit your application. An honest establishment will return your registration fee if the school rejects your application, however. Make sure that you ask the school about its policy before you go that far.

    Applying for Financial Aid

    You will get to speak with a financial aid specialist if the institution accepts your application. Financial aid can cover a significant portion of your tuition. The financial aid specialist will walk you through the application process for monetary assistance. This person will also try to locate additional grants, scholarships and assistance for you. A dedicated beauty schools Chicago specialist will make a great effort to get you in there and keep you there. Something will work out for you so that you can go to school and live out your dream as a hair stylist, nail specialist or cosmetologist.

    Try Niles School of Cosmetology

    Niles School of Cosmetology is a top facility based in Illinois. The school has been contributing to shaping people’s futures for the past 40 years. You can get an enormous promotional discount on your tuition if you qualify for admission. The beauty school offers courses in cosmetology, teaching and leadership. You will have access to a caring staff, knowledgeable counselors and advisors, and a job placement unit that will help you when you graduate. Call for details at 847-965-8061. Alternatively, you can complete a short online form and ask for information.